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Academic Data

1980-82       School of applied Arts and Artistic Offices, in Palencia.
1984-87       Drawing lessons at the Circulo de Bellas Artes, Madrid
1985          Workshop on actual art at the Circulo de Bellas Artes Madrid
1985-88     Worked and researched graphic art.


1985      Bursary Circulo of bellas artes,for Actual Art Workshop. by Dario Villalba.

Professional Activities

           Participated and was involved in different artistic group collectives, such as colectivo Taller Abierto, and Grupo KOTA Madrid.

           Art & Grafts Guild, Namibia.

1991    moved to Namibia, where continued to develop  work and investigation on "African Graphic Art".

1992    conducted workshop on engraving techniques at the Academy in Windhoek.

1993-98 conducted workshop on engraving techniques at the University of Namibia), Windhoek.

1994    Commissioned for sculpture and painting for the Art Collection of the First National Bank. Johannesburg.

1995-98  conducted a workshop on drawing, oil painting and water colour at the Franco-Namibian Cultural Centre in Windhoek.

1995    conducted  workshop on sculpture in paper Mache at the John Muafangenjo Art Centre.Windhoek.

1996   Commissioned by the Company Oya-Namibia for painting a mural, The Sea. Luderitz.

1996   commissioned by the Catholic Church of Namibia, to make a sculpture of the founder of the Order of the "O.M.I", Eugene deMazcenod.          The sculpture was made of black granite, size 70cm x 60cm x 175cm. Situated in the Parish of St. Boniface in Windhoek.

1996  invited to attend to the International Art Workshop "Tulipamwe"  Namibia.

1997  formed part of the Committee to organize the Tulipamwe Workshop, and  took part in Tulipamwe, Namibia.

1997  won the second prize for the Design of a Mural for the Ministry of Mines and Energy of Namibia.

1998  formed part of the Committee to organize the Tulipamwe International Art Workshop in Namibia.

1999  invited to attend the 6 International Art Workshop in Snina, Slovak Republic.

2000  invited to attend to the International Art Workshop in Most Na Soci, Slovenia.

2000  invited to attend to the International Art Workshop of sculpture in Komarno. Slovak Republic.

2002  invited to attend to the International Art Workshop in Most Na Soci, Slovenia

2010  Conducted Workshop, Ston sculpture at the J.M.A.C. Windhoek. Namibia 

Individual Exhibitions

1982    Culture Delegation, Palencia

1983    Casa de Palencia in Madrid

1984    Municipal center of Tetuan, Madrid. Canal Isabel II, Madrid

1986    Quorum Gallery, Madrid

1990    Café Gallery "El Ratón", Madrid

1991    Gallery "Gris y Negro", Madrid. Loft Gallery , Windhoek

1992    National Art Gallery, Windhoek. Hobby Horse, Swakopmund.Loft Gallery, Windhoek
1994    Loft Gallery, Windhoek

1995    Kleine Gallerie, Windhoek

1996    Association for Visual Arts Metropolitan Life Gallery, Cape Town

1998    National Art Gallery  Windhoek

1999    Gallery Paming in Bratislava. National Museum of Bratislava, Slovakia

2000    Institute Cervantes  Vienna. Gallery H. Danube, Bratislava. Cultural center, Kosice. Slovakia
2001    Gallery Z . Bratislava

2004    University of Economic, Bratislava. Gallery Z. Bratislava

2006    Sculptures and graphics, Langelois. Austri

2007   Gallery Sur, Wien. Gallery Smolak, Bratislava. International  gallery. Wien. Hof Burg palace. Wien

2008    Gallery Time. Wien

2009    Lichtraum gallery, Wien. Gallery Time, Wien

2010    Lichtraum gallery, Wien.Art National Gallery Windhoek, Namibia.

2011    Gallery El Canal.Palencia

2012    Foundation Isabel Fontela. Palencia

2013    Gallery El Cafetin. Palencia

2014    Provincial Cultural Center. Fusionismos. 30 Years of Art. Palencia

2015    Ateneo Laibrery. Palencia 

Collective Exhibitions

1977    Gallery Malagueta, Malaga.

1981    Delegación of Cultura, Palencia.

1984    Municipal council, Tetuan. Arganda del Rey. Cultural centre, Lavapiés. Madrid.

1985    Cultur haus, Villaverde. Cultur haus, Alcobendas. Circulo de Bellas Artes, Madrid.
1986    Fifth Plastic Arts, City of Alcorcon. Caja de Madrid. Villaverde, Madrid. Estival 86, Castilla-León.

1987    Municipal council, Tetuán, Madrid.

1988    Grupo Kota: Civic Centre Pozo del tio Raimundo. Municipal Council of Mediodía.Casa del Reloj. Municipal Council of Arganzuela.
           Municipal Council of Hortaleza. Seventh plastic Art, Ciudad de Alcorcón. Madrid.

1990    Gallery Gris y Negro.Exhibition "In 6 Periods" Cultural Centre, Getafe.Exhibition Grupo Kota, Cultural Centre, Mostoles. Madrid.

1991    Eight Painting "El Ratón", Madrid.

1993    Kleine Gallerie, Windhoek.

1994    Exhibitions with "The Art Guild", Germany, "Hobby Horse" Swakomund, "National Art Gallery" Windhoek.

1995    Gallery 191,  Windhoek.

1996    National Art Gallery, Tulipanwe, Windhoek.

1997    Art Gallery of the University of Namibia, Windhoek.

1998    Loft Gallery, Windhoek.

1999    Gallery Miró, Snina Slovakia.

2000    Sculpture and Object, Bratislava. Gallery Commerce , Ljubljana. Likovna Kolonija, Most Na Soci..Slovenia
           Galeria "T", Komarno. Slovakia.

2001    Galerija Commerce, Ljubljana. Likovna Kolonija, Most Na Soci. Slovenia.
           Sculpture and Object, Bratislava.

2002    Likovna Kolonija, Most Na Soci, Slovenia. Sculpture and Object, Bratislava.

2003    Sculpture and Object in Bratislava (PALFFY Galeria)

2004    May “Europe 25”, Devinska Nova Ves. Slovakia.

2006    Bank Austria Creditanstalt. Gallery 38. Caminos 3,Vienna.Galeria Studio 38, Art and objets. Vienna.

2007    Gallery  Sur. Gallery Café International, Vienna. Gallery Smolak , Bratislava.  
           International Simposium , Open space . 50 anniversary treaty UE . Bratislava.
2008   Gallery Time, Vienna.Gallery Marietta Negueruela. Palencia.

2010   Art National Gallery.Windhoek, Namibia.

2011   Gallery El Canal. Palencia.

2012   Isabel Fontela Fundation, Palencia

2013   Expo Aire. Palencia

2014   La Briquetera, Venta de Baños. Palencia

2015   Museo del Cerrato Castellano, Baltanas. Palencia